Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Apple TV Untethered Jailbreak iOS5 (4.4.4)

Finally it is possible to update the Apple TVs to the newest version. Of course I know that it was possible since  Apple released it, however in my case the un-jailbreaked Apple TV is not really useful.

The problem is that I'm living in a region close to the border of my country and the official state language is not my mother tongue. Unfortunately you can not borrow multilingual movies in the iTunes store, so already the main functionality of the ATV is quite useless for me.

Despite that I don't care about that particular feature the ATV is really great, and if you jailbreak it, it is even better. Airplay works incomparably well between iDevices and sharing your iTunes libraries is perfekt for data that is used very often such as the music on your disc. If you want more I'll suggest to install nitoTV, XBMC and IceFilms.

What can I say to jailbreaking... At the end it is really straight forward and described best on the firecore webpage where you can also download the jailbreak-program.

What you need is:

Now just update your ATV to the latest Version using iTunes(to test if everything works well with the original Version) and jailbreak it using the instruction on the  firecore webpage.

Now we need to avoid that ATV updates its OS which would mean that all changes are lost we need to change the /etc/hosts file as follows; First backup the original file
cp /etc/hosts /etc/hosts.bak
Redirect the update sites to localhost, which means that there is no chance to ever find an update
echo "" >> /etc/hosts
echo "" >> /etc/hosts
echo "" >> /etc/hosts
This changes can be removed as follows (if you need to) or use the backup
sed -i '/' /etc/hosts
sed -i '/' /etc/hosts
sed -i '/' /etc/hosts
UPDATE: In the actual jailbreak the /etc/hosts is changed already by the jailbreak

Install nitoTV:
On Mac its simple, just open a terminal whereas on windows you'll need to download PuTTY. Now just connect to your ATV via openSSL.

  1. SSH into your ATV (e.g.ssh root@atv.ip  with default password “alpine”)
  2. passwd” to enter a new password (if you want to)
  3. echo “deb ./” > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/awkwardtv.list
  4. apt-get update
  5. apt-get install com.nito.nitoTV
  6. killall Lowtide

Now after the restart you should have nitoTV installed and see it on the main ATV page.

Install XBMC:
That's even simpler; Within nitoTV there is one package in the list called XBMC-ATV2. Just istall that one and your done!

Install IceFilms:
IceFilms is a nice AddOn for XBMC that needs to be installed via SFTP.
1) Download the file (make sure that it remains .zip)
Then you'll need a program to send files to the ATV which for Windows can be WinSCP. Despite that the MAC is SSL-friendly there exists a simple GUI program for doing this which is CyberDuck
2) Sent the file via SFTP (default port 22) to the ATV in folder /private/var/mobile/Media folder
3) Open XBMC
4) Go to System --> AddOns
5) "Install from ZIP file" and go to the folder where you put the Zip and install it

Now the AddOn is installed and you can find it in the list of the Videos --> AddOns

Now that you have everything you need just enjoy your ATV2+ :-D

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