Thursday, January 24, 2013

Add a custom Tab/App to your Facebook Page

Lately we got the task to create a custom Facebook Fan page for our network. It should contain the most important facts about us and be always up to date. Actually nobody in our company has really the time to deal with a fan page, so we had to include our old homepage or at least parts of it. This is possible using custom tabs, which is not really difficult, but as I guess I will need it more often now I want to share my process in a few steps.

Before starting with the tutorial you'll need to create a Facebook page, then you can start with the following steps which show you how to add a tab to your facebook page
  1. Create a Webpage that contains the content you'd like to display on your custom tab
  2. Ensure that this page is accessible under http and https (Facebook requirement)
  3. Go to
  4. Create a new App; set the Name, contact email, ...
  5. On the App's detail page there is a section called "Select how your app integrates with Facebook"; Open the "Page Tab" and put the Pages name and the two addresses (http and https) (*)
  6. Go to (exchange XYZ with your actual AppID) and select to which of your Facebook pages you want to add the new Tab-App
  7. Go to the Facebook page and watch your result
(*) We noticed that the URLs are not allowed to contain commas or semicolon, so you need to encode them first ("," = %2C and ";" = %3B)

The best and shortest tutorial I could find on this topic was the following Youtube video

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