Friday, June 28, 2013

UIWebView detect scrolling

Today I'm trying to show and hide a View depending on the scrolling direction of a UIWebView.
Unfortunately just setting the delegate of the UIWebView in the storyboard (or in the code) is not enough  to get the method

- (void)scrollViewDidScroll:(UIScrollView *)scrollView


That's because its not the delegate of the UIWebView that you want in this case but the delegate of its containing UIScrollview. So in your init method just set the following and you're done.

[self.eventUIWebView.scrollView setDelegate:self];

Friday, June 14, 2013

iOS7 - Beta

I know that it's a beta, and therefore bugs are present, but in some way we as developers are forced to test it and report those back to Apple in order for them to fix the issues.

So, here is my list of bug and unwanted behaviours

1) A strange thing that i found is in the Photo-APP. I made some pictures to see them in the APP. Then I tried to delete the picture before the last one, but the APP always deletes the last picture. This doesn't seem to happen by deleting arbitrary pics, but only the pre-last. (Fixed in Beta 3)

2) In the Contacts-APP the list of initial letters (right side of the screen) doesn't seem to be aligned correctly

3) Skype... isn't working at all

4) Don't put a picture with a light background in the lock screen. It just disables you from seeing the controls

5) In some Apps (for me the synology apps) that use the popup to ask for the credentials, there are just no inputfields. This means that there is no space to enter them and you're basically not able to login

6) Now in the latest Beta 5 you'll see all the birthdays one day earlier than they really are. My contacts APP is telling me that my birthday is the 18. of September, but in the Calendar I see it on the right date. So by restoring it for displaying in the contacts they'll make some kind of mistake

I'll put more of those as soon as I find them.

All in all I like the new look and feel of the OS and even the new functions are nice, however there is still a lot of work for Apple until they can distribute it to the market.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mac OSX Mavericks - Issues

Since yesterday I'm now using the new Beta of OSX-Mavericks an I'm quite happy with it.

The good things:

  • Now you can have 2 full screen apps on two screens
  • You have the Maps App on OSX
  • Auto-Update in the App store
  • You can answer iMessages directly from the notifications

The bad things:

  • Skype quit to work (This can be fixed by moving to an older version)
  • XMarks for Safari does not work
  • Safari in general seems to have some issues. If you fast switch between Safari and other Apps after some time, and even not really reproducible Safari just doesn't react when u enter a new URL. After a Safari restart everything's fine again
  • I've a Problem getting the Xcode Command line tools working; Apparently I miss the ruby.h file - Found a fix for that one

I'll keep you updated if I find some more issues