Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mac OSX Mavericks - Issues

Since yesterday I'm now using the new Beta of OSX-Mavericks an I'm quite happy with it.

The good things:

  • Now you can have 2 full screen apps on two screens
  • You have the Maps App on OSX
  • Auto-Update in the App store
  • You can answer iMessages directly from the notifications

The bad things:

  • Skype quit to work (This can be fixed by moving to an older version)
  • XMarks for Safari does not work
  • Safari in general seems to have some issues. If you fast switch between Safari and other Apps after some time, and even not really reproducible Safari just doesn't react when u enter a new URL. After a Safari restart everything's fine again
  • I've a Problem getting the Xcode Command line tools working; Apparently I miss the ruby.h file - Found a fix for that one

I'll keep you updated if I find some more issues

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